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All instrumental compositions I wrote for this project are inspired by my love for ECM Records musicians, folk themes, progressive rock and ambient artists. I have always been fascinated by introverted and restrained jazz containing a laid back, dreamy atmosphere and ambient elements: John Abercrombie, Jan Garbarek, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Allan Holdsworth, Robert Fripp, Andy Summers, Eddie Jobson, Brian Eno. 


On my musical journey I’ve always loved guitarists who weren’t just showing off with virtuoso techniques but those who put the beauty of, and emotion into, music and musical composition. There was even a period in my life when I intentionally stopped listening to guitar masters to get away from ‘guitarist’ ways of thinking and composing. I wanted to create music like this for a long time, but, apparently, I needed the right moment to start the project. Moreover, I love so many music genres so I had to understand how to write these pieces and not fall into “guitar noodling".

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